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مُساهمة من طرف sisi arther في 2014-10-07, 22:15

some times we all want to start again .start a new begining a brend new one, than we change avry think and people will start looking at us in a diffrent way and they will think about us in diffrent way too , and that is not like start a new page it's like change all the book and it's more like bourn again ;i know it seams impposible but really it's very possible and the only raison that it makes it not possible is the people around us.
those people will never understand why we made that change ,and they will never look at us in a diffrent way;and those that i'm talking about them are the people around me .
so all i wanted to say is : when ever you wanted to change don't you ever care too much about what people going to think about you because it really doesn't metter and start thinking in a possitive way that's going to help so much.
because no metter how much you changed they are always going to find something wrong ,even if they didn't find something they are going to creative it and they are going to judje .
my last words are: don't think to much before doing some thing and don't care about what people say because only god can judje you .
.finally simle and let the world winder why
sisi arther
sisi arther
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